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Julia trained at London art colleges and taught painting at a Leeds College before moving to St Ives in Cornwall where she is now based.

She has achieved an outstanding reputation for her portrayals of animals and people, and has hundreds of satisfied clients in this country and abroad. She has been featured on TV and has been asked to be artist in residence at various venues in London.

She has also exhibited in a number of prestigious galleries around the country.

Her natural talent combined with her deep interest in animals and people enables her to achieve a striking likeness of her subjects: a unique record of the highest quality, a vivid and enduring keepsake of a much loved person or pet.

The Work

Julia is able to produce her results from your favourite photo image. However, the better the photo the better the result. Although studio shots are not necessary, subjects are best taken in natural light without the use of flash, which often obscures the eyes.

The examples of her work shown here with the original reference photos demonstrate what can be achieved.

Her paintings in oil are on good quality canvas and can be commissioned with or without frames.

Pencil drawings (human subjects only) are on good quality paper and are only available unframed.

Every effort is made to meet special deadlines such as birthdays or Christmas. Normally paintings are dispatched within two months but this does depend on the size and content of your order, and also the amount of other commissions on Julia's list. The Christmas period tends to be a specially busy time.

If you are visiting Julia's studio in St Ives she will take the photos herself which would give her the added opportunity of talking to and getting to know her subject.

Julia Ciccone - Artist
Julia Ciccone
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